Started on June 19, 202490 Minutes

$330 per person | 120 Minutes | All costs included

Congratulations! You have decided to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and are on your way to becoming a firearm owner in Canada. Be it for sporting, collection, or hunting, firearms will colour your life with a newfound hobby full of great people and fun opportunities. But you find yourself at a crossroads: What’s next? How, where, and with whom do I shoot? I’ve never operated a firearm, are they loud and scary? This is where we come in.

Preceding or following the quintessential Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSR), consider coming to this course to live fire guns and solidify your knowledge of firearm safety and range etiquette. For two hours, we will cover the following topics:

  • Review of ACTS and PROVE fundamentals
  • Gun Range etiquette and rules
  • Live Firing of Shotguns and Rifles (20 Shotgun rounds and 50 Rifle rounds)
  • Live Firing of Revolvers and Semi-Automatic Handguns (20 rounds each, RPAL only, +$50 per person)
  • Loading and Reloading your firearms
  • Transportation and Storage of firearms

Our course takes place at the members only Port Coquitlam and District Hunting and Fishing Club. This course is available exclusively to upcoming CFSR students and recent graduates with proof required. The course fee includes all admission and ammunition.

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7562 Hick's Lake Road
Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M 1K0